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Office of Communications

Media Services at UCLA FSPH

FSPH's Office of Communications works with the media to identify experts for interviews on wide ranging public health topics. 

Photography & Videography at UCLA FSPH

Members of the media and all other external parties must gain written permission from FSPH's Office of Communications in advance of any photography, videography, etc. at FSPH.
FSPH Students, Faculty and Staff are subject to their image being captured via photography or videography while attending ordinary activities at FSPH and at UCLA FSPH events. The aformentioned may be used for promotion and publicity of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health without compensation or credit. 

Photography & Videography beyond UCLA FSPH

FSPH's Office of Communications must be contacted before any photography or videography project on behalf of the school is scheduled. Release forms are often required; the Office of Communications will provide neccesary forms.