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The UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions (C-Solutions) focuses on protecting people and communities from the effects of climate change. The center equips decision makers with solutions that will reduce inequities and benefit their economy, environment, and health. Alongside their partners, the center uses evidence-based best practices that improve health and resilience, now and for generations to come.

Projects & Programs

Under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan Fielding and Dr. Michael Jerrett, the C-Solutions team provides public health expertise to help communities put leading research and best practices to work. The center works with communities to implement solutions that provide health, economic, and environmental benefits. The center prioritizes those with highest need to help reduce health disparities and promote climate justice. C-Solutions works with local stakeholders, conduct in-depth interviews with policy leaders, and share their findings with partner communities. Through these methods, the center is fortifying its collective ability to adapt and respond to the dangers of climate change. Much of the center's current work is focused on public health solutions that address extreme heat and longer, more intense wildfire seasons; both climate induced disasters pose an immediate threat to our health and wellness. To this end, C-Solutions is heavily engaged in several ongoing projects:

  • Health Co-Benefits Calculator
  • Wildfire Recovery Guidelines
  • Heat and Health Risk Map
  • Resiliency Hub
  • Best Practices for Adaptation
  • City Action Toolkit
  • Mental Health and Wildfires Scan
  • Climate Health and Equity Framework

For more details, please visit: healthyclimatesolutions.org/projects

Center News

July 24, 2022
"How one Los Angeles neighborhood is guarding against deadly heat"

Bloomberg interviewed Dr. David Eisenman — professor of community health sciences and deputy director for community partnerships at FSPH’s UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions (C-Solutions) — about new research from C-Solutions about extreme heat in southern California.

Source: Bloomberg Read Full Article
July 12, 2022
"How dangerous is extreme heat in your neighborhood? This map tells you"

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Dr. David Eisenman, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor of community health sciences, about a heat mapping project by the Fielding School’s UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters and UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions.

Source: Los Angeles Times Read Full Article