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UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program

The UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the field of public health through hands-on training, structured workshops, group events, volunteering opportunities, and leadership and professional development. Our program works with community-based organizations, health systems, government agencies, and others to offer scholars the unique opportunity to “learn by doing” public health in a large, urban city. Through internship experiences that focus on health equity, scholars work to advance the health of underserved populations by learning about the communities our partners serve, engaging with community members, and exploring the Los Angeles landscape while commuting on public transportation.

To supplement their field work, scholars attend workshops, develop leadership and professional skills, and receive mentoring from graduate students and faculty at the Fielding School of Public Health.

Our goal is for scholars to expand their life skills, adopt a growth mindset, and prepare to navigate an every-changing world and workforce as resilient public health minded professionals invested in creating healthy futures for all.

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UCLA - Tougaloo Public Health Scholars will participate in public health workshops and community activities with the larger UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program, however, are part of the UC-HBCU Initiative. Selected Tougaloo College Scholars will train with UCLA faculty researchers in public health and related fields.

Community Partners

Our internship program relies on the dedication of our community partners and our network of professional mentors. We partner with community-based organizations, health systems, and government agencies, and others located throughout Los Angeles to provide guidance and support to our scholars and to address the need to increase the diversity of the public health workforce.

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We fund our UCLA Public Health Scholars through three grants:


Lindsay Rice
Kathy Silva