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Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018

UCLA Public Health Magazine

Autumn/Winter 2018

Dean's Message

This is an exciting time for the public health profession, which is poised to make unprecedented progress. By preparing a new generation of public health leaders with training that will allow them to hit the ground running, the Fielding School is leading the charge.
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The road to success for any public health professional is paved with powerful training and mentorship experiences
Alina Dorian, FSPH’s new associate dean for public health practice, discusses how training efforts at the school prepare students for successful careers in public health.
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Health Services Research
Through their insights into the social, organizational and economic factors surrounding health care delivery, FSPH-trained researchers contribute to quality, cost-effective and accessible care.
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Molecular Epidemiology for Cancer
FSPH’s Cancer Epidemiology Training Program prepares the next generation of researchers to identify molecular-level markers associated with disease risk — findings that inform early detection and prevention strategies.
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Summer Training
Each summer, Fielding School students gain hands-on experience practicing public health locally, internationally and in between. For many, these internships provide the first opportunity to apply classroom lessons and to weigh potential public health career paths. On the pages that follow, eight such students recount their recent summer training and how it has influenced their post-graduation plans.
Professional Development
The FSPH Career Services office empowers students with information about employment trends and possible career pathways, practical resources, and a community of support to confidently make a lifetime of career decisions.
Industrial Hygiene
UCLA’s Industrial Hygiene Program, based in the Fielding School, teaches students how to ensure that jobs are safe.
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Workforce Education
FSPH’s Executive Programs in Health Policy & Management allow working health professionals to gain new skills.
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Undergraduate Engagement
The UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program engages some of the nation’s most promising college students in an eight-week summer introduction to the possibilities of a public health career.
Transformative Investments
Lead funding from The California Endowment makes grassroots advocacy and community organizing an integral part of student training at FSPH.

Student Profiles

Student Profile
As part of his doctoral training, biostatistics student Jay Xu is studying how media narratives evolve following mass shootings, in an effort to inform guidelines.
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Student Profile
Doctoral student Rebekah Israel Cross uses her FSPH training to amplify the voices of marginalized communities through research on race, power and health.
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Postdoctoral Scholar Profile
Hearing about the refugee journeys of her parents and their friends left Negar Omidakhsh determined to improve social conditions through research.

Alumni Stories

Alumni Profile
Having thrived during her training at the Fielding School, Kate Crespi is using her faculty position to ensure that her students reap the same rewards.
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School Work

A look at some of the news happening at the Fielding School.

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