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Magazine Spring/Summer 2018

UCLA Public Health Magazine

Spring/Summer 2018

Dean's Message

In the U.S. and globally, women and girls face unmet needs for preventive services, health care and better living conditions.
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Several million people in several hundred U.S. cities marched on January 21, 2017 in what has been called the largest single-day protest in the nation’s history. But the Women’s March wasn’t confined to the U.S. — demonstrators in 81 other countries across all seven continents participated.
Leadership at the VA
The number of women in the VA health system is growing rapidly. FSPH’s Elizabeth Yano has spearheaded a national effort to identify and address their health care needs.
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Student Activism
As a policy fellow with California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, FSPH student Anna-Michelle McSorley worked with Latina women advocating for health rights.
Research for Impact
Through her research, FSPH’s Corrina Moucheraud sheds light on policies that can help low-income countries promote healthier lives for girls and women.
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Community Partnership
The HPV vaccine represented a breakthrough in the fight against cervical and other cancers, but immunization rates remain disappointingly low. FSPH researchers are teaming up with a major provider of care for low-income patients to test strategies to increase uptake.
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International Collaboration
A decade-long partnership between FSPH and colleagues in Tibet has helped more women give birth in safe settings.
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Domestic Abuse
FSPH faculty members are studying how abusive relationships may affect women in communities where the issue isn’t typically discussed.
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Wellness Promotion
Through a big-picture perspective on how women can optimize their health, FSPH faculty are contributing to a new paradigm.
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Teaching Advocacy
A passion for advocacy led Julie Elginer to pursue a Fielding School doctorate. Now, as a faculty member, she gives students the tools they need to influence women’s health policy.
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Campus Advocacy
FSPH students are leading an initiative to make it easier for women at UCLA to breastfeed and pump.
FSPH professor and vice chair of the Department of Community Health Sciences Upchurch offers a more holistic view.
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This Honor Roll gratefully acknowledges gifts and private grants made to the school from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017.
Dr. Ray Goodman (MPH ’72), a renowned public health physician dedicated to advancing population health and a Fielding School champion through his philanthropy and leadership, passed away at the age of 97 on February 19. The FSPH community gathered in April to remember Goodman and honor his achievements in public health as part of the 44th Annual Lester Breslow Distinguished Lecture, an event he and his wife Betty J. Goodman established.
We are pleased to share with you our faculty members' awards and service recognitions from the 2017-18 academic year.
Transformative Investments
Visionary support puts FSPH at the forefront of prevention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the world’s most complex, important hubs of disease emergence.
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Alumni Stories

Gender Equity
Alum Veronica Magar leads a WHO team that is taking innovative approaches to reducing inequities in health services worldwide.
Local Leader
As director of the San Francisco health department’s Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Section, alum Mary Hansell sets at-risk groups on a healthy course.
Powerful Surgery
FSPH alum Lindsey Pollaczek is helping to transform the lives of women in sub-Saharan Africa who have a devastating condition that has largely been eradicated elsewhere.
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Alumni Hall of Fame

The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Alumni Hall of Fame was established in 2002 to honor alumni with outstanding career accomplishments in public health, as well as those who have volunteered time and talent in their communities in support of public health activities.

School Work

A look at some of the news happening at the Fielding School.
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Fielding School students who were the recipients of academic awards, scholarships, internships, grants or fellowships during the 2017-18 academic year.