Office of Finance

Overseeing budget planning and management, financial reporting, and financial policy development and implementation.

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The Office of Finance at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health oversees budget planning and management, financial reporting, and financial policy development and implementation. Additionally, the office provides guidance and training to school staff and faculty in accordance with UCLA and University of California policies and procedures to ensure fiscal responsibility and regulatory compliance. As the home for financial services within UCLA Fielding, the office augments and complements the support provided by each academic department, administrative office, and research center.

UCLA Fielding staff and faculty are encouraged to contact the Office of Finance for assistance with financial matters, including but not limited to:

  • Budget planning, management and reporting 

  • Financial policy development and implementation 

  • Financial data collection, modeling and analysis 

  • Fund management 

  • Fund reconciliation 

  • Financial audit and compliance 

  • Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) support 

  • University of California financial systems 

The Office of Finance is also responsible for university-related purchasing and travel. Specific purchasing and travel expertise includes: 

  • Supply orders (e.g., pens, notebooks, computer batteries, etc.) 

  • Purchasing (e.g., negotiating a contract with an external vendor) 

  • Procurement card purchases and reconciliation  

  • Reimbursements  

  • Facilities services requests

The Office of Finance works closely with finance staff across all of UCLA Fielding’s academic departments, administrative offices, and research centers. The office also collaborates with colleagues across campus and throughout the UC network.  

  • Business Travel

    UCLA Fielding faculty and staff who travel for work are encouraged to use the UC Travel Center to make travel arrangements for business trips. The UC Travel Center offers discounts and negotiated contract rates with several air carriers to those flying on university business. Travelers are also eligible for state rates, which apply to government travelers. 

    UCLA Travel Center
    UCLA Travel Counselors:
    310).206-2639 or 800.235.UCLA (8252)  

    Click here for new Express for online booking, requests and tickets.

    BUS-81, Insurance Programs 
    Travel Security & Health Coverage Benefits 

  • Entertainment

    Business meals and entertainment expenditures in all instances must clearly identify the benefit to the university even when unrestricted funds are being used. University policy requires that documentation for entertainment should include a business purpose, cost, attendee list, and itemized receipts for reimbursement. In addition, the expenditure of funds for entertainment should be cost effective and in accordance with the best use of public funds. 

    G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel

    US-79, Expenditures for Entertainment, Business Meetings & Other Occasions 

  • Purchasing Goods & Services

    Goods and services may be purchased and/or reimbursed following all guidelines and university policies. Purchases cannot be made until proper authorization has been received from an individual’s financial administrator within the school or department. Vendor work cannot begin until all approvals have been received. These instructions are for non-travel reimbursements.

    Policies & Procedures
  • Meet the Team
    Leonel Ibarra

    Chief Financial Officer
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    Ask Me About
    • Budget planning, management and reporting
    • Financial & budgetary policy development and implementation 
    • Financial modeling and analysis 
    • FSPH liaison for various central offices 
    Kathlene Avakian

    Assistant Chief Financial Officer
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    Ask Me About
    • Fund management
    • Financial data collection and analysis
    • Departmental Security Administrator
    • Budget development, monitor and reporting
    • Special projects
    Mel Fleetwood

    Compliance Officer
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    Ask Me About
    • Financial audit and compliance
    • Fund management
    • Assistant Departmental Security Administrator
    • Purchasing and Travel review
    • Account and fund reconciliation 
    Laura Lliguin

    Purchasing and Travel Specialist
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    Ask Me About
    • Supply order
    • Purchasing
    • Procurement Card purchases & reconciliation
    • Reimbursements
    • Facilities Services Requests